Surprising Benefits of Belly Dancing we didn’t know

While we have heard about Belly Dance Classes to be fun but there are Surprising Benefits of Belly Dancing that we didn’t know about.

For many, Belly Dance Class involves lot of belly movement and they shy away due to their weight issue, other shy away with an explanation as short as it can be – I am too stiff. 

Well the good news is not many come to class (of any style) because they are are already flexible or have rhythm. The beginners classes meant to be for everyone to start from the beginning. You didn’t go to school when you already knew how to make sentence, you started by learning ABC… same applies for any form of Dance Classes for Beginners. So, give yourself a chance and dive in to one of the classes near you.


Coming back to benefits of Belly Dance, while there are many article online claiming Belly Dance is effective for weight loss, i must say its fairly low impact and according to few article i have read, it can burn only about 250 calories per hour.

The benefits of Belly Dancing is far beyond weight loss. It definitely had made its mark in the fitness industry. The American Council on Exercise lists the benefits of belly dancing as :  increased core balance, toned abs, flexibility and better posture. Each facet of the benefits of belly dancing can contribute to a flatter belly, particularly a stronger core and better posture.

Surprising benefits of Belly dancing that we didn’t know BELLY
  • Weight loss in long run
  • Improves Posture
  • Muscle toning – Tighter & Stronger abs
  • Building back muscles
  • Preparation for Child birth
  • Aiding Digestion
  • Stress reduction

Belly dancing can be a break from the regular gym experience, so it can be more motivating than simply heading to a pump class or working out on your own. TRY IT !!