La Casita is  project that became success and is now alive due to all the supporters from different parts of the world. We are still on our way to building it up into an ideal space and we are constantly reaching out for friends to support us. Every minute you will put in it to help  – every cent that comes our way is a blessing !!

Many of you know me personally and have seen my sincere dedication towards it since day1 and many of you also know with much difficulty (but with BIG smile) I have financially supported La Casita ever since. But the goal of providing free or minimal fee for services, to spread the beautiful culture is far from being reached.
This year I would like to put my focus on it.
I as an Instructor know how it is to work with passion but i have also learnt over the years that if our passion also happens to be our job, we must make some money out of it to continue doing what we love to do. La Casita is fortunate to have such passionate Instructors teaching for us but its time to put my effort in paying back for their dedication.
Our Spanish Language Class is a success but we do not have dedicated space for class nor a library to help the students with study material. The fee may not be high but its also not minimal as our goal was, from the beginning of the project.
We have a team of wonderful staff but salary for them is at lower margin and we do tend to lose our staff every now and then (encourage them to leave for another job), since we see their potential high and salary very low. If we cant afford to pay more, we believe we should let them go for what they deserve. It would be better if we could give them what they deserve and continue to maintain the wonderful team. 
La Casita is now in debt of over Rs 150,000/- apart from funding that i personally put in every month. I truly need your support at this moment to stand up and keep going.

 Things Done & Yet to be done :

  1. Appropriate Registration of the Center
  2. Fix Air-Conditioner in the Activity Area.

  3. Absolutely buy a new Music system Urgently.

  4. A desktop for front-desk
  5. Buy Projector
  6. Buy few Latin Percussion & Samba Instruments
  7. Fix shade & flooring on half of the terrace for Yoga, Crafts & Kids Activity
  8. Add books for dedicated Library

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