Salsa Fast Track Course

You have always wanted to try Salsa but..

– you are too busy (you are never too  busy to do things you really want..just saying 😀)

– you cannot commit for long term course

– you are leaving Pondicherry soon

– you just want to try because you are not sure if it’s for you

So, the solution to your problem is


Within a short span of time (usually 2weeks),  you will cover 8hours of Introduction to Salsa – Intensive Course. This course is perfect to learn enough basics and get a taste of this ever popular dance form.

Schedule of Fast Track Course changes according to batches and Season. Please refer Facebook Event on our Page. You can also look up our latest flyer on top of this post.

Fee 1480/- per person, for 8 hrs Course.

This fee is for group classes and is not applicable on private classes.

This Course will :

– introduce you to History and Basics of Salsa Dance & Music

– teach you few basic moves and basic combination

– give you insight on what is in store in Level 2 Course

– offer you opportunity to make new friends

– make you understand what is social dance culture

– hook you to Salsa Dancing


This course will not

– make you dance like professionals on YouTube

– teach you how you sway your partner into dips and lifts

– bore you!! Promise 😎

If you are convinced by now, contact Kash and Register yourself for next Salsa Fast Track Course.

Whatsapp : 6383602640 / Instagram : kash_lacasita


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