Mumbai Veggie is here !!


Two weeks ago, Mumbai Veggie passed La Casita. If you are vegetarian or vegan or even matter of fact an eggetarian, you are certainly aware of which gorgeous lady i am speaking of and if you are still not aware of, what a shame! Click this link right now and see what you been missing to read –

You know how stressed all of us get when someone comes to review your space.. we clean, we prepare, we impress (try our best). And when the person arrives, you wonder what to say, find the right words, get nervous. In our case when Amanda walked in, *now you know who we were talking about when we mentioned gorgeous lady sometime back. Amanda Sodhi, Founder of Mumbai Veggie. So when Amanda walked in, she was calm, polite and very sweet.

She spent sometime on our Roof Top Cafe – tasting our Momos, Interview felt like a conversation. I was even more impressed to know about her Musical Background, people we had in common (small world indeed), her interest in dancing etc. My imagination of one uptight, arrogant lady with a nose in the air, judgmental eyes and pride of a bull was shattered but shattered for good, very good.  She left asking about some Dance Classes at La Casita.

Two weeks later, we have Interview up and Reviews published. You can read it here.

Of course i admit, i am sharing it because its all good… 🙂 But there are many more reviews on different Restaurants in India that you can look up on. I have heard many vegetarians complaining of having difficult choices of food while traveling. Now someone is doing it for you. Someone is traveling before you and tasting and writing about it, for you.

Mumbai Veggie is also on Facebook.

Thank you Dona for introducing us to Amanda…. !!

Oh BTW, I am not sure if she would like me to tell you this but she is now taking Salsa and Tango lessons with us for next 2 weeks. She told me she had two left foot. What i noticed is one left and one right foot.

I wish one day she will have a new blog where she can review our Classes too.

Over and Out for the Day……………………  Kash


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