Living my passion

I had a passion for dance which i am now able to live, Thanks to Zumba Classes… !!

Another feature on how Zumba has influenced life of many, not only to lose weight, stay fit but to keep alive inner passion. Anouke talks about why she loves Zumba Classes. She has been regularly attending Zumba Classes since June 2014.
IMG-20150611-WA0007” In this era of hustle and bustle, people very rarely have time to follow their passion and hobbies once they start working. I had a passion for dance which i am able to live, Thanks to Zumba Classes.

Zumba Classes were something that i joined just for fun and in due course of time, it began to mean much more than just fun. My stamina improved considerably as i began to push myself physically and mentally in ways i never thought possible, breaking my own barriers giving me a fit and toned body.

Kash has been our inspiration and motivation to attend these classes regularly. She is fun loving, awe inspiring professional infusing the love of dance into every step of the routines that we dance on our lovely dance floor of La Casita. ”


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