Free English Class

free english class at la casita


EVERY SATURDAY AT 3.30PM (Beginners Improver)

EVERY SUNDAY AT 3PM (Conversation Class)

You have any staff /know of working ladies/men keen to learn English??
** From forming of LA Casita to it’s existence, we have been receiving love and support, bit by bit, we would like to give back some love. Here is our first initiative with support from Anabelle(France) offering free English Class.
This idea came because of our in-house staff Anita, talented, smart and bright lady. Underpaid for her potential (due to lack of our fund) but also talent under used due to lack of English. We would like to see her and more people like her become independent with better earning. If we can’t offer her more salary, we can at least offer her/them the way to it.

Although the classes are Free and Open to all, we would welcome people who are genuinely interested in learning on a long term. Walk ins every now and then create hurdles to others, attending regularly.