Improvisation Theater Workshop

impro theatre

“Don’t be prepared” –

Improv – short for improvisation theater, is the art of spontaneously acting and reacting to the other actor in the moment.
It offers a chance to relax and drop your defences in a safe and positive environment, to really be yourself on stage.
Improv is spontaneous, entertaining, and fun.
In the class there are games, dramatic exercises and scenes.
The class is run by the Auroville improv players – Elke, Ema, Veronique and Jeff.
Improvisational techniques are often used extensively in drama programs to train actors for stage, film, and television and can be an important part of the rehearsal process. However, the skills and processes of improvisation are also used outside of the context of performing arts. It is used in classrooms as an educational tool and in businesses as a way to develop communication skills, creative problem solving, and supportive team-work abilities that are used by improvisational, ensemble players. It is sometimes used in psychotherapy as a tool to gain insight into a person’s thoughts, feelings, and relationships.
Saturday 22nd August
2.30pm – 4.30pm
Rs 350/- per person (2 hours Workshop )