I danced my weight off


How i danced my weight off with Zumba !!

One fine day I saw a ZUMBA article on internet and searched for class in Pondicherry. I found a message from KASH about New Zumba Batch starting in Pondicherry, the very next day i enrolled for the classes. At that point, i was very focused on reducing weight and becoming fit. That kept me going to classes regularly.
After 3 months , other than the focus to reduce weight I loved looked forward to classes for many other reasons:
– I was enjoying the classes
– Made very good friends in the class and we have lot of good times outside too
– I reduced around 10 Kgs !!!

And there I set a point : To continue ZUMBA and dance my weight off.

After 9 months I felt totally changed. Even people couldn’t recognize me. I even developed my self confidence. Have tried many other activities but only Zumba worked for me. You should try it too for healthy and fun way to burn your calories. 
Before ZUMBA : 103 + KGS
After ZUMBA : 80 KGS

I want to dance my weight off too!!