Dia de los muertos festival

Here is a post on Dia de los muertos festival following several questions that we got during our Party on 3rd November.

Is it Halloween? Why is it celebrated and why are we celebrating it? What is the skull in your decoration?

Dia de los muertos or dia de muertos in Spanish or day of the dead in English is a festival that originated from Mexico. This day is now a public holiday & is popularly celebrated across Latin America and in Latin Communities in USA but its is not only limited to. It wont be surprising to see many dia de los murtos events around the globe due to the vibrancy of the celebration.

The festival which lasts two days (Day 1 is celebrated for the children and Day 2 for the adults) is believed to be the passageway for our beloved deceased ones to return to the real world. Unlike many customs where we mourn the deceased, in mexico, they offer favorite food & drinks of the deceased, decorating the cemetery and rejoice through colorful costumes, makeup & festive music. There is an elaborated post on it’s history, how it originated and etc on the website :


  • An alter (Ofrenda)
  • Candy, candy & lots of candies
  • Orange Marie-gold Flower
  • La Catrina (sugar skulls)
  • Pan de Muertos (sweet bread)
  • Tapede (it is similar to sand mandala but tapede is made with sawdust)
  • Candles
  • Papel Picado (pierced paper) strings


La Casita originated with an idea to promote Latin American Culture in whole, be it Music, Dance forms, language or Festivals & celebrations. Dia de los muertos 2019 fell around the same time as our Latin Social Party and we took is an opportunity to celebrate the day with some decorations and makeup. And lo, it did raise a lot of curiosity which led us to post this article. Have you seen our pictures from the party? 


As mentioned in the beginning of the post, it is believed that these two days are the passageway or doorway for the deceased ones to reach out in our real world. It is the day when we can eat, drink, feast, rejoice their return and send them back to the other side for another year.

An alter or place for offering is made which is known as Ofrenda. Food, sweets, fruits, flowers and many kind of offerings are made on the alter. Cemetery of the deceased is decorated with flowers and candles. One day to honour the beginning of the festival, parade is held on the city streets with people in different kinds of costumes, face paint and flower accessories.

Have you been to mexico and witnessed this day? We would love to hear about your experience 🙂


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