I am addicted to Zumba



As most of you, even I was caught up in the rat race and sedentary life. Long office hours and no time to work out. All that it did was only make me put on weight, which not only worried me but my mom too.

It’s about a year back that I came across this zumba add on Facebook, little did I know about it or even about my instructor/teacher/guru – Kash. It kind off attracted me and I got in touch with Kash to find out more, soon enough I felt it was the best thing to do and joined her regular zumba classes. At a point I was so addicted to it that I added to my routine any new zumba class she use to add up, I still continue them all today.
In the first few weeks/months, I did not really notice or feel any major changes, but what kept me motivated, addicted and wanting to continue was that it was fun and the full on energy that Kash used to spread to make it lively.
Now I am at least a 10 kgs lighter and I feel much more fit, healthy and happy and my mom too now feels so happy to see me get back into shape and good health.
The best proofs and updates you could get on this is from my near and dear ones, colleagues, zumba friends and my zumba instructor itself.
Thank you Kash for bringing the magic of Zumba in Pondy. It has not only changed my life, but of all those who have joined it.  I am proudly addicted to Zumba.
-Tanushree Nath, Pondicherry

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