Salsa (Casino Rueda)

Salsa (Casino Rueda)

The reaction of many people, mostly Tourists & Expats of Pondicherry when they hear about Salsa Classes is quite a mixture of pleasant surprise and unsure grin. YES, We have Salsa Classes and Dancers in Pondicherry, as passionate as the rest of the dancers around the world.

Rueda de Casino and Casino


Beginners classes are mostly light and fun. But since the classes are also the foundation to bring out the best in you, it is technical and intense at times. Beginners Course is an introduction to basics of Casino (Cuban Salsa) and its history, where we learn moves like Guapea, dile que no, abajo, exhibla, enchufla, dame etc. 
Every month we have a New Batch of Salsa for absolute Beginners. Call us to find out the Next batch available.


At present we have a group of Beginners Level -II, who are familiar with much complicated moves like Sombrero, Adios con la hermana, Dames dos,kandado, adios, adios con la hermana, kentucky, vacila, fly etc. The classes are always Fun & Fun & Fun. If you have already taken classes of all / atleast few of the above moves you can join us for this course.

Private & Regular Classes available.

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