Capoeira is a Bcapoeirarazilian art form which combines fight, dance, rhythm and movement.It is a dialog between players – a conversation through movement.

It is nowadays is not only a martial art, but an active exporter of Brazilian culture all over the world. Since the 1970s, masters began to emigrate and teach it in other countries. Symbol of the Brazilian culture, symbol of the ethnic amalgam that characterizes Brazil, symbol of resistance to the oppression, it definitely changed its image and became a source of pride to Brazilian people.


Classes are held Regularly twice a week, approx an hour and half each, Starting with warm up, followed by basic moves leading to more complex acrobatic technique and winding up with session to learn Musical Instruments and songs.

Saturday 10.30am

Fee : 1200/- per month

Samuka da ├Źndia



History of Capoeira is very interesting. As a matter of fact any Cultural Art that goes back to history is interesting. Your learning definitely takes another level when you know the history behind. Take some time and Read here.



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