Belly Dance

Belly Dance

About : Originated as early as 9th century , Belly dance is one of the ancient forms present today. And it’s practiced in more than 100 countries. It has it’s own history on how it evolved and has various sub genres to learn under it, from Historical to Folk to Modern belly-dance.

It started in the Middle Eastern & its popularity has now reached up to U.S.A. It was started by the nomadic people called as Gypsies picking up culture from different countries as they traveled across and it got settled in Egypt. One of the other popular reasons you would hear people speak about is Belly-dance started for women to reduce labor pain during child birth in Africa. This art form basically takes you out of your comfort zone in many ways that makes one embrace and celebrate the beauty of the body regardless of your shape,size and age.

Class : The students will get to learn the basic techniques of Belly-dance , get introduced to Beledi that’s the earthly style of belly-dance and learn basics of Raqs Sharqi which is the classical style of Egypt. And also gist’s of Drum solo style and fusions. Students will have a detailed study on history, technique, drilling & choreography.

Physical benefits : Belly Dance moves are about isolating different body parts like hips, stomach, shoulders and chest and learning to move them in a dance like fashion, with special emphasis on the hips. Muscle control is an important aspect of good belly dancing.

Health benefits: It  increases flexibility of the upper body and strengthens the spine and helps strengthen the back and stomach. It traditionally was passed from one generation to the other by the mothers to make their daughters stronger! Regular belly dance is a proven way for women to reduce stomach fat and stay fit.

Belly Dance Class will be conducted once a Month , 6pm on Tuesday which is included in our Package. On addition to this 1hr Class, there will be Special Workshop conducted which will fall under Workshops and will be charged separately.




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