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  • mars 24, 2018 - mai 19, 2018 à 10:00
  • La Casita
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Kids Love Capoeira !!
Capoeira est grande partie de la culture brésilienne et cette forme d'art martial a un beau mélange de musique, l'acrobatie et la danse.
Il’s an exercise which is absolute fun, works on developing strength, flexibility, self esteem, discipline etc.


TEACHER : Tranquilo
Tranquilo first learned to Ginga with the group Capoeira Brazil in Pune (Inde). He joined the Ginga Saroba family in 2012 and helps teaching the projects since then. Teaching since 2015, he organizes classes for kids in Udhayam, a social center in the Kottakarai village.

Ginga Saroba is a pioneer Capoeira group in South India. It was started by Prof. Samuka da Índia and his students, under the guidance & support of Mestre Branco (Ginga Nagô).