Bollywood Dance

The term Bollywood is derived from Bombay, (now known as Mumbai) and Hollywood. Bollywood based in Mumbai which  is India’s – and the world’s – largest film industry in terms of the number of films produced, and also the number of tickets sold each year. In fact, Bollywood has become so internationally ubiquitous that it now has it’s own entry in the Oxford English Dictionary!


Bollywood Dancing is the style of dance developed in the Hindi Film Industry. It is a mixture of numerous styles like belly-dancing, Indian classical & folk & popular western styles like Jazz, Salsa, Hip-Hop etc.


INSTRUCTOR : Swetha Subramanian

REGULAR CLASSES :  Tuesday 6.30 to 7.30pm

DROP IN : Rs 250 Per Person per class

MONTH : Rs 550 for 4 classes


Private or group booking can be organized at mutually Convenient Time

GROUP CLASS : Rs 250 per person ( Minimum of 4)


Want to learn a couple dance or group dance to perform at a/your wedding? Contact us with your choice of song and we will choreograph it for you. No previous dance experience is necessary.

Send us a query to book your private class.